Scott Petrichko
Art Director | Designer

Scott petrichko

Art Director | Designer | Explorer 

 Live from the stage/my workspace

I approach projects with a "communicate vs. decorate" point of view. Find the balance needed to effectively reach the audience. 70/30, 85/15, 90/10? The stronger, more unique the message, the less we rely on decoration to make noise.

Wherever the project ratio lands, it provides guidelines to apply across any campaign, medium or platform.



The name is phonetic

New to fatherhood (it's the most amazing shit)

Snowboarding is my thing

Crossfit is another thing

I'm a thinker (if you do it, do it right; or find someone who can)

LOL'n hard (always at myself)

The herd mentality needs challenging

Fishing is a thing too

Actually, outdoor things are my thing

Bellybuttons are NOT my thing (I don't have one)

Some A.D.D (never think about it long enough to actually know)